Advice for Grantmakers

A wide range of resources on global grantmaking are available on our members-only Knowledge Center.

An Overview of Global Grantmaking:
We are pleased to offer grantmakers a free International Grantmaking Resource Packet.

Challenging Grantmaking
While all grantmaking holds challenges, some arenas require special care.

Pathways to Global Grantmaking
One way to engage in global grantmaking is to work with US-based intermediaries who channel your grants directly to overseas groups. See our publication on Working with International Intermediaries, featured in a recent GrantCraft publication.

Cross-border grantmaking—making grants directly to overseas groups—is a fantastic way to engage in global issues. For a primer on cross-border grantmaking, visit USIG

Resources from Past Gw/oB conferences:

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Other Resources on Global Grantmaking