Mission & Purpose

EDGE Funders Alliance addresses the systemic nature of the social, economic and ecological crises threatening the future of our planet.

By supporting reflection and collaboration among members and forging strategic partnerships in and outside philanthropy, EDGE works to increase resources for community well-being and transnational organizing in ways that promote justice and build lasting, meaningful change.

EDGE organizes within philanthropy to develop:

  • A unique and diverse community of donors, foundation officers and advisors across the international philanthropic landscape sharing knowledge, tools and approaches, with differing priorities and strategies but a shared commitment to global social change;
  • A fresh conversation recognizing that today’s economic, social and ecological challenges require greater dialogue across issues, geographies and funding strategies to bridge perspectives and deepen cooperation around key issues and struggles of the day;
  • A comprehensive and principled approach for greater impact that understands that combining support for local empowerment and grounded efforts to improve community well-being with support for transnational movement-building are complementary, reinforcing and more likely to bring about meaningful and lasting social transformation.


  • We are funders and donors committed to global social change philanthropy, who believe that equity and justice – around gender, race, class, sexual orientation, nationality, migration status, and ability – are critical to furthering sustainable international well-being.
  • We understand our work within a global context in which international policies as well as global economic interests and influences impact societies at all levels, and we recognize the systemic nature of many of the economic, social and ecological challenges facing humanity.
  • We believe that support for local community empowerment, more democratic national and international governance and strengthened grassroots and transnational movements go hand in hand, that here-and-now efforts focused on struggles for a better life keeps our work grounded, while long-term efforts to build “another possible world” helps keep ultimate goals in sight.
  • We value the experience and perspectives of local communities, and recognize the importance of networking and organizing between grassroots groups and their civil society allies.
  • While diverse in our issues, strategies and grantmaking, we believe that to be effective as social change philanthropists, we must promote an internal culture that is empowering, accountable, compassionate, inclusive and democratic.
  • Through our efforts and in partnership with grassroots and civil society allies at home and abroad we hope together to more effectively support the transformation of our world into a livable global community that is just, responsible and sustainable for all.


  • Inspire, mobilize and organize funders in support of community empowerment, grassroots organizing, civil society advocacy and movement-building to advance deep, meaningful and lasting change;
  • Build connections and forge strategic partnerships among a diverse set of grantmakers and others within philanthropy, as well as with community leaders and social movement actors around the world;
  • Facilitate peer learning, research and reflection on models and approaches to improve the impact of grantmaking that helps reduce structural inequities and power disparities between and within societies at local, national and international levels.