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EDGE Funders is a diverse community of donors passionately engaged in domestic and international grantmaking, with differing priorities but a shared believe that equity and justice are critical to furthering sustainable, global well-being.

Members of EDGE Funders Alliance recognize that today’s economic, social and ecological challenges require greater dialogue across issues, geographies and strategies, and that combining support for local empowerment and community well-being with support for transnational networks and movement-building is more likely to bring about meaningful and lasting social change.

We welcome donors of all sizes and interests who share our mission and values to join us.


  • Opportunities to network with peers for a deeper understanding of key issues 
and to build community with a unique group of grantmakers committed to global social change.
  • Priority access and reduced registration fees for our annual Just Giving conference
 and international funder delegations, and priority consideration in organizing workshops and  discussions at these events.
  • Participation in – and opportunities to help lead – learning calls, webinars, Engagement Labs, working groups, our Gender Caucus and issue-based collaboratives focusing on climate, on social and ecological transformation, on grassroots organizing and movement-building and on other key concerns of our membership.
  • Access to member-only spaces at the annual conference, offering additional opportunities for dialogue and analysis with grantmaker colleagues, and for providing input on program priorities and initiatives.
  • Access to reports and tools in the EDGE Funders Knowledge Center
, as well as to our member e-newsletter The Weekly Planet, featuring important updates in the field
  • Access to an engaged community for information-sharing and collaboration; and EDGE staff for programmatic support.
  • And more…
    • we are happy to provide personalized support to our members. As a member, we invite and encourage you to contact us when looking for ideas and resources to help you in your work.


  • Membership is based on support for our mission and values, and is open to individual major donors and to staff, trustees and advisors with foundations, grantmaking public charities, community funds, giving circles and other philanthropic institutions who act as grantmakers or in other roles whose purpose is to provide funds to promote the public good.
  • Academics and researchers within relevant fields, individuals with broader philanthropic advocacy and support roles including funder affinity groups and collaboratives are invited to join EDGE Funder Alliance activities as non-dues paying participants.


EDGE Funders sets annual dues levels based on a foundation’s self-evaluated size and capacity to contribute. Most highly active members also contribute larger grant support to EDGE Funders for our services and activities.

Members who can are encouraged to join at the Sustaining Circle level – demonstrating their strong commitment to the organization, its mission, and success. Sustaining Circle level supporters can have Annual Conference or international delegation fees waived for up to two members of their institution.

Suggested annual amounts are as follows:

– Sustaining Circle Supporters: $5,000 and above (full grant proposal available on request)
– Large funding institutions: $3,000 to $5,000
– Medium funding institutions: $2,000 to $3,000
– Small funding institutions: $1000 to $2,000
– Individual donors and philanthropic advisors: $500 to $1,000

Membership approval is determined by the leadership of EDGE Funders Alliance, and requires the  timely payment of annual dues.

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